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Standing up to Russia

The U.S. must work together with our European allies to support new NATO member states on the front lines with Russia, states such as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Poland. We must help support them by relocating existing U.S. forces closer to their eastern borders. Our multilateral operation should be supported by a new, strong integrated air defense system. We must also help safeguard a free Ukraine by helping train Ukrainian forces.

While building a strong deterrent to Russian expansion into the region, we should look to foster greater economic and diplomatic relationships with Russia. There is a wide ranging list of commonly held issues between the U.S. and Russia such as combating radical jihadi groups, curtailing nuclear proliferation, and creating renewable sources of energy.

 When elected to Congress I will:

  • Work to strengthen our relationship with NATO, and support new NATO members.
  • Work to develop a strong multinational joint air defense system that will serve as a deterrent to Russian expansionism.
  • Work to forge new diplomatic and economic partnerships with Russia and its people.

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