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Homeland Security & Terrorism

As a 16-year-old, I saw the tragic events of 9/11 unfold live on television. It had a dramatic impact on my life. We know that terrorists are openly calling for attacks on our homeland. While we have significantly progressed in securing our nation from terrorist attacks since 9/11, much work remains as terrorist threats have evolved, and continue to change.

The U.S. must lead global efforts in combating terrorism. As your Congressman, I will promote policies for working with allies and partners to eliminate terrorist networks and violent ideologies, as well as to curtail recruitment, propaganda, and safe havens on a global level.

When elected to Congress I will:

  • Fight terrorism while upholding Constitutional values.
  • Push for more homeland security funding for Southern Nevada.
  • Ensure that our law enforcement agencies have the resources they need to protect us.
  • Push for more cyber-security legislation.
  • Promote supporting, training, and equipping allies and partners to enhance their own capabilities to eliminate terrorism.

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