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As Americans, it is our fundamental right to bear arms in this country. Exercising this right makes us a freer people. I do not support a ban on “high capacity magazine fed” weapons at the federal level as the definition is too broad and not narrowly tailored to achieve a compelling government interest. Such a ban would be an over extension of federal power where regulatory policies (such as weapons), should be decided upon by the states.

Unfortunately, Gun violence today is severely detrimental to our society, thereby demanding us to do something about it. Therefore, I support reasonable background checks on firearm purchases at the federal level and in closing certain loopholes that can allow criminals, terrorists, and other offenders to gain access to such weapons. It is the reasonable, responsible, and right thing to do.

When elected to Congress I will:

  • Support reasonable and responsible background check initiatives at the federal level.
  • Support closing the “Gun show” and “Charleston” loopholes.

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