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ISIS Must Be Destroyed

ISIS has forged itself into a military force that threatens to destabilize the Middle East and is a serious threat to our national security and the international community at large. This calls for action to be taken. However, learning from our prior mistakes, we must do all we can to avoid becoming entangled in another long, drawn out, and costly ground war. The key to defeating ISIS, is defeating their radical ideology. Therefore, we must first develop more cohesive, comprehensive, and multilateral plans to degrade and destroy ISIS.

When elected to Congress I will:

  • Support waging a “war of ideas” to discredit and disavow radical and violent ideologies.
  • Support regional allies who have much more to lose if ISIS grows in strength.
  • Push for more intelligence collaboration with foreign nations to neutralize terrorist capabilities.
  • Support granting humanitarian relief to those displaced by the region’s instability.

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